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Privacy Notice

Welcome to the site! Our privacy statement is a promise of privacy for visitors. I have the following text on the collection and use of public information. The site's privacy statement is continually being improved to serve the expansion of our site, and we are always updating our privacy statement. We welcome you to view any time in the statement.
In agreeing to the Site Services Agreement ("Agreement"), you have agreed to us in accordance with your personal information about this privacy statement and disclosure. All terms of this Privacy Statement are a part of this Agreement.

User name and password
When you are planning to register for a user, we ask you to choose a username and password and also provide password prompt questions and answers so that we can confirm your identity when you lose your password. You can only use your account with your password. If you disclose your password, you may lose your personally identifiable information and may lead to judicial action against you. Therefore, for any reason, your password security is compromised, you should immediately get in touch with us.

Registration Information
When you register as a user, we ask you to fill out a registration form. The registration form is required to provide your real name, address, nationality, telephone number and e-mail address. If you are an enterprise customer, you also need to provide your company's address, telephone number and your company's services and product brief description. You also have to fill in other information options. This information may include the company's province and city, time zone and postal code, fax number, home and office. We use this information to get the user's registered statistics. We will use these statistics to categorize our users so that we can provide new services to our customers in a targeted manner. We will inform you of these new services via your e-mail address.

Your Trading Behavior
We keep track of IP addresses as just necessary security. If we do not find any security issues, we will promptly delete the IP address we collected. We also track the day of the page to access the data. Page views a day to reflect the traffic data of the site being used, one that we can plan for future development (eg, adding servers).

We do not provide to any third party to sell, rent, share and trade personal information of our users unless a third party and Love together provide services for infants and island sites and users and are banned at the service end, including access to these previously All access to the data. When we are legally compelled or in accordance with the government to provide your information, ask us to disclose your information in good faith.

Our website has the appropriate security measures to ensure that the information we hold is not lost, not abused and altered. These security measures include data backup to other servers and user password encryption. Although we have these security measures, please note that there is no "perfect security" on the Internet.

Modify your data
You can
modify or update your personal information and password to Baby Island website (after login is successful).

Contact Us
If you like this Privacy Statement or Infinity Island and use any comments and suggestions regarding your privacy practices, please contact us.

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